Q; If I'm getting more power, won't I use more fuel?

A; A higher volume of cooler air creates a more efficient air to fuel ratio. You use less accelerator and your engine uses less fuel - city and highway driving. If you keep your driving style relitively unchanged you can enjoy the extra power and still see an improvement in fuel economy.

"The car used to consume 16L/100 and now getting low 11L/100"(Anthony ,VZ SS)  

"The Growler saves me $18 a week on BP Ultimate"(Colin,BA XR6 Turbo)

"The petrol savings has been quite impressive - I am obtainng at least 50-80 klms more out of a tank with just city driving.(Simon,VX SS)


Q; My car goes fast enough - why do i need a cold air induction?

A; Increased efficiency from SS Inductions' airflow products results in not only increased power and torque but also smoother gear changes and performance, more responsive acceleration and of course and improvement in fuel economy. In short, they make good cars better!

"A lot better acceleration and low down torque. Also takes a bit of lag out of the auto and cleaner gear changes."(Josh, VE V6)

"Performance is now smooth all the way through the rev range and acceleration is much improved."(Steve,Suzuki Swift)

"Acceleration improved dramatically, torque has definately improved and fuel economy had risen substantially."(Muzza,BA XR8)

"More power, more fuel economy, smoother gear changes and acceleration."(Anthony,VZ SS)


Q; Will I have to get a tune done on my car after fitting one of your systems?

A; With the exception of the OTR Growler for VE V8, SS Inductions' products do not require an expensive tune. Your car's ECU (engine control unit) will ajust itself - this tipically takes around 500 kms of normal driving and although you will notice a nice difference immediately it just gets better and better until the computer has fully ajusted.

"You told me at the time that it would probably take a couple of tanks of fuel before I really noticed the difference...crap! I had only driven it for about 5 minutes when I just had 'to floor it' in low gear to see if there was any noticable difference right away, damn thing scared the hell out of me, I couldn't believe something so simple could make such a huge difference. And yes, it got better and better over the next few weeks."(John,VE SS)

"I could instantly tell there was some improvement, however it wasn't until the car had done around 500klm that everything seemed to come together."(Max,Subaru WRX)


Q; Will a cold air induction benefit a gas - powered car?

A; Yes. Gas is still a combustible fuel that requires air to burn. An SS Inductions' system will restore good torque levels wich are often lost with LPG systems. 


Q; If i get a cold air induction, do i have to replace any other parts such as throttle body?

A; No. If you want to maximise the the effect of cold air induction however, additional intake performance accessories are a great idea. Most standard factory components are restricted so to get the best results it's good to replace what you can - for instance filters, intake pipes, airflow meters and throttle bodies (where applicable)


Q; Do you guarantee the kW figures you quote?

A; No. You'll find we like to under promice and over deliver - you may experience a bigger or smaller increase, that's why we always quote an 'up to' figure. Dynos only give an indicative figure as they don't replicate on-road conditions. Airflow products rely on the pressured air you drive into whereas a dyno uses a small fan with a constant speed for cooling purposes. The type of dyno, different tempretures, even different opperators all play a part in potentially producing varied dyno results. But the good news is you drive on the road not on a dyno!

"When I put my foot down to the floor, I instantly get thrown back into my seat. Thank god for traction control! (andrew,VE V8)

"I gained 19 rwkw from the Growler." (Colin ,BA XR6 Turbo)

"If you could see the grin on my face the first time I put my foot down - priceless. Had it on the dyno yesterday - 242 rwkw and max torque of 530nm at the wheels. Totally satisfied."(Tony, VE SS)


Q; What about my factory warranty and insurance?

A; We generally do not have any problems with warranty or insurance - after all you are only enhancing airflow. Insurance companies do require all modifications to be listed on the policy however but this does not usually affect cover or premiums. It is always best to check with your own dealership and/or insurance company if you have any concerns.


Q; Are SS Inductions' products easy to fit?

A; Yes - they are all designed for the DIY handyman using just a few simplehand tools. Full fitting instructions that are easy to follow are provided with every kit - but guys, you do have to read them first!

"Very easy to install - took about 25 mins." (Jay, VZ SS)

"You were right - I had no problems with fitting."(Steve,Suzuki Swift)

"I was amazed at just how easy it was."(Robert, VY SS)


Q; What about the filter?

A; Standard paper disposable filters restict the flow to your engine. Our Big Mouth filters are of the highest quality and have a superior flow rate when compared to most other well known brands. All Growler induction kits contain one or more of our specially designed Big Mouth inverted cone pod filters. Replacements are available if required. We highly recommend the addition of a Big Mouth panel filter when fitting a Big Mouth induction. All Big Mouth filters have a 10 year lifespan and are completely reusable - just wash it regulary and reinstall. Maintenance instructions are included in every kit.