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I recently purchased a 2011 VE SSV Holden Ute 6spd  auto with AFM

Wanting a bit more out of it looked into Cold Air and for reasons unknown to me bought the first one I saw on trade me .Yes big noise and noticeable power difference however warning lights were coming on Engine running lean, rang supplier no this had never happened before. 

I spoke to Doug Goodall at STM Speedtech Motorsport in Lower Hutt and yes they could dyno tune my Ute and fix this problem .

After Speaking to them I picked up a twin 3 inch Varex X-Force exhaust system, fitted this did some more research via the internet and got hold of Kim at SS Inductions.I purchased the Y Pipe and Growler kit .Over the past 10 years I have had SS Induction kits on every thing from V6  Holden's to XR6 Turbo Falcons with great results.Half an hour after receiving the kit it was in and running same induction roar but without the fault lights. My Ute was running an average of 14.5l per 100km prior to this with the growler kit went to a very nice 12.5l/100 .

800kms later went into Doug at STM and 4 hours later drove of in new toy 310 rw kws firmed up trans and AFM turned off, drove from the Hutt to Feilding at 11.5l/100km in very sticky traffic, all done on Caltex 96

The Growler kit was impressive enough with stronger and faster throttle response great noise and better economy STM’s pre tune shows how well the growler and exhaust were working with 292.6KW pre dyno on a vehicle rated at 260kw factory.

There may be other options as far as induction but my money is on the SS Inductions range for quality service and reliability. My ute is a work vehicle and as such I need it to be reliable.


Kim offered a great service and product with friendly advice and prompt delivery that combined with the great guys at STM made my week.

Thank you both  Bernard




Report From Gary Baildon / VE SS Sportswagon 


Get Some Air - Cold Air Induction Really Works!


Why SS Inductions Growler and Y-Pipe are the first two things you should

bolt on to your V8 Holden.

I’ve had my 2008 VE SSV Sportwagon since new and until recently hadn’t done anything other  

than keep he servicing up to date and drive it every day. It’s been a great drive and100% reliable. 

I’ve thought about performance mods from time to time but there are a lot of accessory providers

out there competing for my attention and my hard earned dollar. Sorting through them all and 

doing some in-depth internet research just never seemed to bubble to the top of my to-do list. 

I’d known about SS Inductions for some time as the dealer mechanic who did my servicing

recommended it as stage 1 in improving what was already a great car. His rationale was that most

V8 owners strategy of bolting on a big bore pipe, satisfying as the noise would be wouldn’t do 

much if anything as far as performance goes without first dealing with the No.1 bottleneck of most

modern cars - BREATHING.

Why the manufacturers are so conservative I don’t know. Perhaps it’s the pursuit of a near silent

driving experience? Thing is people who buy V8s or other performance cars are generally not that

concerned about a bit of induction or exhaust noise - most would see it as positive with a capital P. 

In fact if my car had been available with a range of factory approved mods that made it a bit noisier 

and a bit more interesting I would have ticked all of the boxes without a second thought. This

brings me to the one of the best points about SS Inductions. The products, as well as being 

available direct from the website are also sold by a number of leading Ford and Holden dealers. 

I’d be lying if I said the amount of fuel used was not the least enjoyable part of owning one of GM’s 

thirsty finest. So the promise of liberating a few kilowatts AND easing the consumption even a little 

bit made the decision to hit the “buy now” button that much easier. The fact that it is called a 

Growler was not lost on me either - a bit of extra noise would be just what the doctor ordered. 

After tearing apart the packaging I was immediately impressed by the finish, the feeling of quality,

but mostly because it looked like it was made for my car by GM themselves. I see this as a huge 

positive as it’s a subtly styled and highly functional item that looks very much at home in the engine 

bay and doesn’t stick out like a bright blue blow-off valve and matching pink spark plug leads if you

know what I mean. This is some seriously “adult” kit. The instructions provided were of excellent 

quality as were the clips, bolts and other fittings included. Everything you need is there in the box 

and a few simple tools are all that is required to get the job done quickly and with little fuss. 

I won’t go into the intimate details of the installation here but suffice to say a mate and I had it done

in little over half an hour and that included a good clean of the areas exposed by removing the 

original equipment. Everything supplied by SS Inductions fitted perfectly and looks like it belongs.

A subtle logo on the air-box is the only indication that this is something special. The tortured path 

air had to take through the original induction system is worth mentioning here. The combination of 

a modest opening behind the headlight, the small “mattress” that was the OEM filter and then the 

convoluted hose and some kind of holding tank/maze off to the right of the throttle body was mindboggling 

in it’s complexity and surely not a comfortable trip for the air. 

The combination of pipe and Growler induction kit that I chose has the option to either leave in or 

remove the MAF (mass air flow) sensor or leave it in place thanks to a short extension tube. 

Removal of the MAF sensor requires dyno time and an experienced tuner so for now it was left in 

place. All connections were tested for security and the engine was fired up without a hitch. On 

start and at idle you wouldn’t know there was anything unusual going on, but give it a bit of welly

and it’s hello Growler! Aptly named it does actually growl! This brought a huge smile to our faces 

and it was off down the road for a test drive. Now we’d been warned that the engine management 

computer would need up to 500kms of driving to get to know the larger amount of air available and

re-calibrate itself to put it to best use so we weren’t expecting miracles. Thing is it was pretty darn

good right out of the box. If anything it seemed a little bit reluctant at low speeds from time to time

but when given a good boot the sound and the performance gain were immediately apparent. The

first thing you notice is that the car seems more willing and the torque seems to be available 

earlier. This makes coasting along on the torque most pleasurable and is probably where the 

decrease in fuel consumption comes from. An added bonus was that the growl was more audible 

from outside the car than inside. Only when given a good hard kick though, so it’s not going to get 

you in trouble with the law in normal use. 

The first tank of fuel and part of the second was sacrificed in the cause of “teaching” the computer

it’s new peripheral. This involved everything from coasting along in heavy traffic to brutal flooring

of the pedal on motorway on-ramps and no thought was given to keeping the fuel consumption 

under any kind of control, this was all about “education”. The response to the pedal slowly but 

surely improved over this time and once the magic 500K was reached it was very well sorted. For 

the next tank I decided to keep calm and see if there really was any improvement in fuel

consumption. It’s worth noting that my 2008 (pre EFM) model was never a light drinker. Around

town the computer would display around 15-16km/l and on a trip I once managed to get down to 

just over 10. After fitting the Growler and Y-Pipe with a mixture of town and open road running I 

was seeing 12-14km/l on the screen and even saw to 9.3 on a quick run down to the Tron and 

back. When the fuel light came on the trip meter showed just over 500kms. This was a first as I 

was previously getting a bit over 400k’s to a tank. The best ever being around the 430 mark. Now 

it’s true I was actively trying to be miserly on this tank but I wasn’t holding up traffic and did give it a

boot a few times so this is a very impressive result. My un-scientific opinion is that the newly

liberated additional torque is allowing smaller throttle openings to be used across the board. 

All in all the bang for buck with this gear is brilliant. It wasn’t a big leap to rationalize that the fuel 

saving will have it paid for in no time Very happy I started down the mod track with SS Inductions 

but lately I’m hearing a less restricted cat-back system calling and it’s getting louder by the day... I 

tell myself it’ll stop at the exhaust, but am I in the grip of an addiction? Will I end up on a dyno

somewhere, sometime soon?





Looks good, improved performance.
Many thanks
Graeme Pollard, Rotorua


"V8 Now Begging to be Let Loose"


Gaining a level of performance similar to an HSV for only a fraction of the cost has made an Auckland software consultant a very happy man. Andrew fitted a SS Inductions cold air induction system, throttle body and airflow meter to his Holden Commodore VXll SS and is extremely impressed with the results. Before and after dynos recorded a jump in peak kilowatt output at the rear wheels from 206kw to 235kw – and the output gain doesn’t just live on paper. According to Andrew it can definitely be felt in the drivers’ seat. He says, “The car is now incredibly responsive and is begging to be let loose. The SS Inductions system does exactly what the manufacturers say it will do. It has allowed me to increase the power of my car without raising my fuel bill.” Available for selected models of Holden's and Fords, the SS Inductions cold air induction systems have been specifically developed to provide maximum performance and fuel economy by getting cold air into the engine more quickly and efficiently.
Andrew, Auckland

"'Out of This World' Performance and Fuel Economy "


After fitting a SS Inductions cold air induction system into a customer’s V8 Ute a Wairarapa mechanic was so impressed with the resulting 25% performance gains that he decided to get one himself. Since fitting one to his own 5.7 litre Holden Ute, Julian Cheer of Cheers Automotive in Carterton is getting up to 100 extra kilometres out of every tank of gas and is enjoying what he can only describe as `really awesome power.’ He says, “It’s definitely paying for itself and the performance is out of this world compared to a standard vehicle. Although a standard Holden Ute still goes pretty well, it’s a completely different vehicle with one of these systems. When it gets into its rev range it just wants to pull – and the instant power is awesome.” Julian believes the system is especially ideal for drivers making the long commute to Wellington and says, “I’d eat my hat if they didn’t notice a difference.”
Dave Bill, LTD Toyota Ltd

"A vast improvement to the performance and drivea-bility of the car"


Dear Alan I wish to thank you for the work that you have performed on our SS Commodore. The new induction and exhaust systems have made a vast improvement to the performance and driveability of the car. The commodore is a lot more responsive throughout the rev range and in particular from idle to about 3500 – 4000 rpm, where I do most of my driving. I have also noticed a significant reduction in the vehicle’s fuel consumption. The best “Distance To Empty” reading that I could obtain was 560 kilometers from a full tank of fuel. The best that I have achieved since the upgrades is in excess of 600 kilometers. My son, who is a motor mechanic by trade is very impressed by both the sound of the car, and the quality of the components supplied, commenting that the parts fitted are professionally fitted and appear to be very durable. Considering this, the cost of the work and the friendly and courteous service that you have given, I would have absolutely no hesitation in referring you to anyone interested in making the upgrades to their vehicle that I have. I look forward to doing business with you at some stage in the future. Yours faithfully
Murray Clinton, Director, Integrity Cleaning Services Ltd

"Just with the induction alone, it added 10kw rear wheel with a hub dyno."


Hi Alan Both cars are 2003 BAs. My partner's car has had a rage big bore fitted (mainly to sound as good as mine, which came from an earlier batch with a louder exhaust) and the SS Induction. Mine has SS Induction, computer upgrade with custom tuning, hi flow injectors, & racing type sparkplugs. But I have kept the standard exhaust. The work was done by Speedworks in Palmerston Nth in December last year. Just with the induction alone, it added 10kw rear wheel with a hub dyno. After all the enhancements and tuning it made 247rwkw. In its original state it was putting out 200 rwkw. He had to hi-flow the injectors because the original ones were only 300cc and the air/fuel mixture wasn't right. I think the new ones are 460cc. He also made the engine alot smoother, previously the boost came on early and quickly dropped away, but now stays on right through the range. Cheers
Jan Shepherd

"the added power that the induction kit has added is insane"


I have had my induction kit on my MKII XR6 turbo now for over 6 months and swear by it. Before I was filling up once a week, this is now been reduced to once every week and a half or fortnight. Not only that, the added power that the induction kit has added is insane. My boss has a V8 SS Holden and I blow him away. In terms of the money it saves the company in petrol bills and the pleasure I get in blowing away other cars is well worth the investment. Kind regards
Campbell Bourke (B.Ed)

" Had no trouble at all fitting the induction kit or filter. "


Had no trouble at all fitting the induction kit or filter. I noticed the difference almost straight away - sharper throttle response and later, reduced fuel consumption. The vehicles computer is showing around an extra 80 km's per tank (reading shows on average 623km's to empty on a full tank), had been in low - mid 500's. I've since fitted a Coby exhaust system (excluding extractors) and this has also improved the vehicles performance - also now sounds like a V8!!
Paul and Vanessa Watson.

"This letter provides a testimonial to alterations carried out by Kevin Geary, HSV Specialist at Blackwell Motors in Christchurch. "


In approximately July of 2002 I purchased a new VX Series II Holden HSV R8 from Blackwell Motors. After approximately 1500kms Kevin organised the removal of the factory twin exhausts system and replaced it with a "big bore" system. At the same time he added a cold air induction system, manufactured by "SS Inductions of Australia". Both of these alteration made a more responsive and V8 sounding vehicle, its pick up in the passing maneuver was very noticeable. In October of this year, Kevin added a replacement/ exchange throttle body and mass airflow sensor, also from "SS Inductions Australia". Again this made significant performance changes by: -Far more responsive throttle changes -Deeper note in sound -Real power difference of the rear wheels particularly in the open road feel and overtaking -No greater fuel usage than before, therefore more fuel efficient with the alterations Yours sincerely
Mike Ower, Managing Director

"Has in every way measured up to our expectations"


This is a letter of acknowledgement and thanks for supplying and fitting your product to our two Ford XR8 utes. This air induction and enlarged throttle body unit has in every way measured up to our expectations. We are surprised at the increased performance this induction system has provided. This increase is noticeable right through the rev range however more so at higher revs where high torque is generated. To the car the sound of the engine breathing is also enhanced and combine this with the exhaust note it really encourages you to drive with your windows down, even on the colder days. Getting away from the important stuff we have noticed a marked increase in economy. On open roads using cruise control set to 100kph the onboard computer is giving impressive results, 12.6 litres per 100km compared to 14.8 prior to fitting, this is using Premium 96 petrol. Combine these results with your friendly and efficient service and you have two very happy customers. This enhancement to us represents money well spent. Kind regards
The directors of Citywide Building Consultants (Auckland) Ltd.

"I could instantly tell there was some improvement,"


Kevin, This is to let you know how happy I am with the WRX Cold Air Induction. After fitting the unit, I could instantly tell there was some improvement, however it wasn’t until the car had done around 500k that everything seemed to come together. The car feels significantly smoother, the “blackhole" below 3,000RPM is now a lighter shade of grey and my fuel consumption has improved. I am now getting between 35 and 50k more per a tank. It was at this point I had the car dyno’d at Advanced Performance Centre (they had a base figure on the car from 3 months prior) and as expected, there was a considerable gain in power right through the rev range. At the top end, the graph showed an extra 6.5kw and 20nm of torque at the wheels. Thanks again for all your help and keep up the good work.
M.R. (Qld)

"I would certainly recommend the SS induction system to anyone"


I had the SS cold air induction fitted to my VY 6cyl commodore along with pacemaker extractors and a 2 ½ inch system by Ashmore Exhaust. I was amazed at the increase in performance and most of all how much smoother the car was to drive. I no longer get any lag when accelerating from around the 80 - 90 km/hr mark. I have also noticed an improvement in fuel consumption. I live on the Gold Coast and work in Brisbane and regularly return fuel consumption figure of less than 8l per 100km. I would certainly recommend the SS induction system to anyone wanting to improve the performance of their commodore or even just get better fuel consumption. Now I want to fit a Power chip to get even more benefits. With the Big Mouth air filter I did not get any maintenance instructions, could you please let me now the best method of cleaning it. Regards
Keith Walters

"Anybody looking to get that little extra oomph should fit one of these units."


recently fitted a Big Mouth induction unit to my AU XR8 and cannot believe the difference it makes. The vehicle now pulls so much harder than before and was quite simple to fit myself at home. Unlike some other so-called performance add ons that fail to live up to the manufacturer’s promises, I would definitely recommend that anybody looking to get that little extra oomph should fit one of these units.
Dave T. Kyneton, VIC

"The SS Induction system accounted for a massive 32 horsepower increase at the rear wheels"


Hi Kevin We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for committing your time and your company products to our project car. Your faith in your products effectiveness was certainly stretched to the limit when you agreed to have the fitting and subsequent testing of your products filmed for use in a story for the ‘Grunt Files’ DVD. As you are aware, the concept was to take a stock VT SS Commodore, fitted with a GenIII LS1, and seeing how much horsepower we could generate with minimum effort and expense. The car was dynode at every stage in the process, and the resulting figures were extremely encouraging. Standard, the car produced 249 rwhp (185.6kw) and was boosted to 273 rwhp (203.6kw) by fitting Genie Tri-Y extractors and a twin 2 1/2” exhaust system – 24 horsepower increase. Next step was a live edit, which lifted performance to 283 rwhp (211kw). The SS Induction system was at the end of the list, and was installed as a complete system from the air intake through to the throttle body. The end result was 315 rwhp (235kw). According to my calculations, the SS Induction system accounted for a massive 32 horsepower increase at the rear wheels. I would have to say that, with the fitment of an exhaust system and cold air induction, plus a little fiddling with the computer, the GenIII engine would have to be one of the cheapest engines to modify for anyone wishing to develop credible street horsepower. Of course the graphs from each session on the dyno are on file at our office, and we would be only too happy to produce copies for anyone wishing to verify the accuracy of these figures. Regards
Sharyn and Keith Littler, Warrior Films, Sumner Park, QLD

"I love the deep ‘whoosh’ induction throb from the Big Mouth under hard acceleration"


Hello Kevin Just a short note of praise for your products. I have a current 2004 model HSV Grange that in almost 12 months has just clocked up 20,000kms of relatively ‘soft’ urban travel. The 285kw GenIII is fine, but as you know, it’s a great motor to tweak. At the 20k service last week, I had the dealer install a “SS Inductions” cold air intake, plus the twin engine covers. I also made sure they installed a top-line K&N air filter. Combined with some good rear-end exhaust work (cat to muffler) done 6 months ago, I was quite simply amazed at the instantly noticeable performance boost from the new induction pathway. Even the temp gauge looks to be running slightly ‘cooler’ than before and I love the deep ‘whoosh’ induction throb from the Big Mouth under hard acceleration. Great products that I will recommend to anyone. Kindest regards
Tony C. Sydney, NSW

"I think it was the best decision I ever made"


To Whom It May Concern I’m writing in regards to a recent purchase of one of your SS Inductions products for my EF Fairmont, six cylinder. I installed it a week ago and in that week I have noticed more power and considerable fuel savings. I did want to put a pod system in my car but chose your product instead. I think it was the best decision I ever made. I’m now wanting to add a 2 ½ inch exhaust system to complement your induction kit. Thank you for producing such a wonderful product. I have already recommended your product to most of my friends. Regards
Phil T.

"thank-you for the outstanding service we received when getting our second SS Induction kit fitted last Saturday"


To Kevin & Kaye Just a short note to once again say thank-you for the outstanding service we received when getting our second SS Induction kit fitted last Saturday 26th June to our XR6 Turbo. The professional manner & high level of workmanship we received from both of you has exceeded our expectations on both occasions. We will certainly continue to recommend SS Inductions & their products to fellow XR Club members & others, as we have had first hand experience of the high level of service & the significant improvement in performance & fuel economy that we have enjoyed with both our XR’s. Once again, many thanks
John & Kayleen, G. QLD

"I now have better throttle response and a lot more power"


Just like to say your products are great. Have just bought a VY SS Series II ute and got your cold air intake, airflow meter and throttle body from parts’r’us who were very helpful. I now have better throttle response and a lot more power, am very happy with your performance enhancement products. Thanks again.
Jason T. VIC

"Great product."


Kevin, Thank you for your help on the installation of my cold air induction for my BA XR8 and for the bits I was missing. I installed it, perfect job. I must say it goes and sounds much better. Many thanks. Great product.
Joe S

"it is running smoother, effortless and much quicker than it has ever run before"


To Kevin Hovered Hi it’s Aubrey from Hervey Bay – you fitted an SS Induction cold air intake to my VT V6 Commodore last weekend and I can’t wipe the smile off my face. I could not believe the difference, it is running smoother, effortless and much quicker than it has ever run before. I am very grateful for your second to none service and delivering such a great product. Kind regards
Aubrey W. Hervey Bay, QLD

"now just wants to go, as before there was a real flat spot"


now just wants to go, as before there was a real flat spot
Matt W. Byron Bay, NSW

"the difference has put an already bigger smile on my face than the one I already had"


Hi Kevin Thanks for all of your info regarding your induction system. I have since fitted an intake system, air filter, airflow meter, throttle body, HSV intake pipe and 9mm ignition leads and have noticed a considerable difference in how my VY Maloo now performs. I have had it fitte3d for over 1000km now and must admit the difference has put an already bigger smile on my face than the one I already had with this new car. Regards
Tony H. VIC

"the performance, economy and smoothness of the vehicle has increased noticeably"


I am very impressed with the Big Mouth system I have purchased. The unit looks like a factory fit option and it has smoothed out some lower speed hesitations I was experiencing in my BA XR8 Ute. I have a K&N filter installed and a twin 2 1/2 " exhaust system on our ute, and together with the Big Mouth induction system the performance, economy and smoothness of the vehicle has increased noticeably. Once again I thank you both for your help.
Bob & Julie O. QLD

"I have no hesitation in promoting your product with anyone who’s looking for a good gain for minimal cost."


Kev, Just a brief note to say how much I like the new cold air induction system. Had the ute dyno’d the other day and while I thought there was a good difference after having it fitted, I couldn’t believe that combined with only extractors and a 2 ½” exhaust system, that I would get 233 horsepower at the rear wheels. Not bad at all from a non-turbo XR6. I have no hesitation in promoting your product with anyone who’s looking for a good gain for minimal cost. Yours faithfully
Peter T. Gold Coast, QLD

"the car felt flat without it..."


Hi Kevin I had the SS Induction cold air system installed (after being told by a number of your opposition that it would not work, or worse that it would have a negative effect!). Well the results were immediately obvious within 500km. Even at low to moderate revs there was a very noticeable difference in throttle response…the car, Series 2 Monaro, just seemed to leap forward with much less throttle. At high revs the difference was even more noticeable and the sound was of course much better! Due to no fault of yours the system needed to be removed for a week while some other work was carried out on the car. The difference was even more evident after having experienced the benefits for a week, the car felt flat without it.
Regards David M. NSW

"he car now has 205kw at the wheels and 267kw at the motor (it screams)"


Hi Kaye and Kevin I have a VU SS ute that I had firstly fitted a new twin exhaust system with extractors. I was then advised of your products and since then I have added a cold air intake, big bore intake pipe and a new billet throttle body. Well the car drove very well but as all car freaks are I wanted to know the kilowatts at the wheels which I did yesterday and glad to see that the car now has 205kw at the wheels and 267kw at the motor (it screams). Keep up the good work.
Regards Christian N. Beverley Hills, NSW

"In my dealing with service you were the most helpful and kindest person I've ever spoken to"


Dear Kevin, I would like to express my gratitude in regards to your unparalleled customer service. In my dealing with service you were the most helpful and kind person ive ever spoken to. Your product knowledge is excellent. I had your cold air system, modified airflow meter and your new 78mm billet aluminum Throttle Body installed in my VX SS. It has increased my cars performance substantially. Ive also had a complete HM headers system installed which completes the main restricted components , still not a Supercar but a tough everyday street car and far better than standard, worth replacing restricted components from factory. Thanks again Kevin, keep up the good work.
Simon S. Fairfield, NSW

"The car is performing and driving far better than before."


Hi Kevin I would just like to say how happy I am with the air induction for my VX Series 2 SS. The car is performing and driving far better than before. Thanks very much for all your help.
Michael C. VIC

"The increased performance has been overwhelming not to mention how good it looks."


Dear Sir/Madam, I have just purchased an SS Induction air intake kit for my V6 VN Commodore and are running it in conjunction with a Kingdragon filter. The increased performance has been overwhelming not to mention how good it looks. Kind Regards,
Michael R.

"fits perfectly and delivers a very noticeable power increase."


Dear Kevin and Kaye, This is just a quick note to thank you for the prompt and efficient service you provided me when changing my Aunger cold air intake to your new Bigmouth on my 57 SS Commodore. Not only was your service great but the SS Inductions cold air really works. Unfortunately my purchase of the Aunger one was a bad decision. It didn’t fit properly and actually rubbed paint off my bonnet as you saw. It certainly didn’t deliver the performance I expected. The SS Inductions one on the other hand fits perfectly and delivers a very noticeable power increase. Thanks again.
Regards Martin W. Sunshine Coast, QLD

already I have noticed an improvement in throttle response and gear change"


Today I purchased a cold air induction for my VS V6 from Autobarn at Elizabeth in Adelaide. Already I have noticed an improvement in throttle response and gear change. I’m looking forward to taking a decent drive on the open road and also seeing any improvement in fuel economy. Oh yeah it looks great under the bonnet. Thanks
Michael S. SA

"I don’t know how these cars can be built with such a crappy induction system."


I just thought that I would let you know that I got a cold air intake for my car. I also got a K&N filter to go with it. I have a Holden V6 VS Berlina. Since I installed the intake and filter, I noticed an improvement straightaway. The car sounded smoother and accelerated better. I have dual fuel on my car and I have only tried it on gas. I can’t wait to try it on petrol (where it runs even better) and on a really cold night. I am rapt with your product and won’t have any trouble recommending it to anyone. I don’t know how these cars can be built with such a crappy induction system.

"The car was dynode as standard at 253kw and improved to 274kw with the cold air induction"


Kevin, Just a note to pass on my thanks to yourself and your company for the excellent range of automotive enhancements you have available for the 5.7 lt GenIII. My VX HSV R8 Auto is running beautifully since I fitted your equipment. I originally fitted the cold air induction, MAF and Kingdragon air filter. As I drove home to Brisbane from the Coast the change in engine response and power were immediate especially throttle response. I found was just resting my foot on the accelerator pedal to cruise on the motorway. I have fitted Pacemaker headers and modified system since fitting the cold air and MAF improving performance again. Recently you fitted the modified throttle body and again “fantastic”. The engine has picked up extra performance both low down and up high. It really hammers now. Also there is a huge improvement in the auto transmission both in response and smoothness. The difference in driving the vehicle now is quite remarkable. It is a pleasure to drive either just cruising around town or driving hard on a favourite stretch country road. The car was dynode as standard at 253kw and improved to 274kw with the cold air induction and MAF meter, that’s 21kw. Thanks again
Richard B. Moreton Bay Childcare Manly West, QLD

"It looks really great, so easy to fit, and gee wiz it made the biggest difference of the lot."


Hi there guys Just thought I would let you guys know what I think of your induction systems. I took delivery of my new holden v6 vu ute back in june 2001, in the short time I have had it I’ve done a few mods to it, lowering, larger wheels, exhaust and a k&n air filter. I was then told of your air intake systems, I must agree the standard intake is too small. I had a look at your web site, then went and got one of your systems from one of your dealers here in Brisbane. It looks really great, so easy to fit, and gee wiz it made the biggest difference of the lot. The car is a 5 speed manual. Through the gear changes it feels more smooth, accelerates so much more readily, in general the car just goes so well. Once again thanks for making such a great product, I’ll be telling a lot of others about your systems.
Steve K. Cleveland, QLD

"My trip back was not only smoother, quicker and enjoyable but also much more fuel efficient"


Kevin, Kaye and the gang, Firstly thank you all for the expert job that you did fitting up my VX SS with your unit. My trip back to Sydney was not only smoother, quicker and enjoyable but also much more fuel efficient, again thank you for your assistance and professionalism. Cheers
Michael S. NSW

"the best $300 I have spent on my car"


G’day from WA, I purchased a cold air intake for my VN SS Commodore about twelve months ago and have been extremely happy with the effect it has had on the cars performance and drivability. I have to say that it was the best $300 I have spent on my car so I thought I would drop you a line to say thanks for a great product and keep up the good work. All the best
Richard S. WA

"I have no hesitation in recommending your company or product to anyone who is looking for complete satisfaction"


Dear Kevin, Just a short note to express my satisfaction of the Cold Air Induction unit installed into my VX ‘S’ Commodore 3.8 ltr. six sedan. I find the results obtained are very pleasing and higher than originally expected, proof of this is attached to this letter showing the dyno report. Thank you again on your professional approach that reflected in your very pleasant and helpful manner, supplying a high quality product, including excellent workmanship. I have no hesitation in recommending your company or product to anyone who is looking for complete satisfaction.
Regards B.J.Dul QLD

"The MAF and Throttle Body have dramatically changed the characteristics of the car. "


Hi Kevin The MAF and Throttle Body have dramatically changed the characteristics of the car. In particular is the lack of jerky gear changes in the auto transmission. Previously the changes were generally harsh regardless of the auto being in normal or power mode. Hard acceleration would cause savage gear changes. Now, and even in power mode under full throttle acceleration, the gear changes are smooth. It’s like driving a Statesman. The car is more responsive off the mark with a noticeable difference in mid-range power and torque. Overall, I am very happy with the components.
Regards Greg M.

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