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SS Inductions NZ - Cold Air Induction Specialists


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Increased horse-power, better performance and save more in fuel costs with 80-100km more per tank.
SS Inductions specialise in cold air induction systems manufactured to the highest standard using the same quality plastics specified by the manufacturers that tolerate the high heat generated within the engine bay and still have an original factory look.
There’s no rocket science involved – it’s a simple matter of getting cool air into your engine faster and more efficiently.

The Growler and Big Mouth™ range of cold air induction systems also includes a CNC Billet airflow meter that combine awesome performance results with the wow factor appearance.
Get your car breathing first…
Get your car breathing right…
Increase Power, Increase fuel economy...
Add 100km to your range with every tank of gas. 

 Our News

New VF Cold Air Induction Available Now For V8 & V6

Save fuel, cut emissions, get more power and better sound.

Walkinshaw Performance And SS Inductions Alliance

Walkinshaw Performance has commissioned Australia's leading Cold Air Induction specialist SS Inductions to manufacture a special OE appearance version of their highly successful Holden VE Growler unit.
This Cold Air Induction - exclusive to Walkinshaw Performance - is manufactured using a low sheen high heat ABS material designed to match other under bonnet parts. In addition to providing substantial performance and fuel economy improvements, the VE Growler lives up to its name by delivering a purposeful induction 'roar'.
The Walkinshaw Performance Cold Air units with their distinctive appearance and badging are available either separately or as part of an upgrade kit for all Holden VE V8 and 6-cylinder models from Walkinshaw Performance outlets throughout Australia and New Zealand.
For more information about the Growler Cold Air Induction and the exclusive Walkinshaw version, visit

OTR Growler 

The OTR Growler Cold Air Induction is a high performance over-the-radiator system. It uses two extremely efficient inverted cone re washable pod filters attached to a ‘Y-Pipe’. The Y-pipe and filters are housed in a cowling which is specially designed to capture and channel the maximum amount of cool air through the filters and into the throttle body. The cowling clips apart for easy access to clean the filters.

Growler Range

The standard system draws air through an undersized intake to a small opening in a restrictive square shaped air-box that disrupts airflow. SS Inductions’ Growler system replaces the restrictive factory air-box altogether with a bigger streamlined air-box that is much more efficient. Together with a larger volume of intake air it provides a more direct path to the motor with a smooth undisrupted flow.